Deep in the pit
The magus did sit
Surrounded by floundering
Excuses of skin

Un-nerved isn’t the word
I think quaking sounds better
Like an earthquake the shaking
The trembling beckons

In alternate life
He would be on the news
In refusal to give
He decides he must take instead

But no.

That’s not how it goes
To defeat poisoned teeth
You must go to the source
The fact of life, sured

Go for the biggest onces nerves
And the rest will grow fear for the floor that they serve



Beside the antidote
With rainfall
Brings soured oats
Raise the anchor
From the oceans back
Fill the trench
As quick as you can
The spiral
Aligns us
Take stock of the motion
Full stop.
Redesign us
The spirit is willing
But the spirit is mindless
The mind must combine
With the beast to define us

The Wires, Like roots

Upwards the stems grow
Towards the light
Not even a second spent
To contemplate the concequence.
The wires
Like roots
They supply.
Serpetine promises
To eyes oh so promising

In darkness the screen flickers bright
The dancing of answers of questions commanding light

For once the red eyes in the screen
Direct their gaze at you and me
The life you have
Won’t mean a thing
In frozen cells your mind will weep
Acid rain will drown the sea
Starve the fields
Strain as you breathe
In graves on mass
The buzzards feast
On ground compacted human meat

Silence will be the only sensation
In a world where wires bleed
Prothetic existance
Once stolen from me
Will give birth to the static we hear in our sleep.

The tin cans will march,
In suits made of molten pain
The movements grow faster
Extracting our swollen brains
The latent hate beckons
Emotion is what they take
Leave the drones drooling

Continue at steady pace.

Nothing For All

Molten homes
Residing life
Contained within
Un-natural light

Feed the greed
Process the effects
Keeping eating excuses
Till you pay for your breath

Manifest the illusion
You must be success
‘I think, so its true’
The war cry of the child minds attempt

At circumvention
Projection is full born disdain
You should have thought twice
Before trimming back the beard of pain

All for nothing
Nothing for all
Equally haunted by the people before

Stretched thin tradition
I smell fear in the air
No reason for reason
When they can’t belive their own two hands

Escape the seat

Can you feel it
Octave shifting
Volume lifted
It seems so loud
Still you can’t hear it
Straining focus
Restrain the victim
Frozen cells
Divide like liquid
Parting paths
Is like a prison
Seconds strangled
Stretched out thinly
Mapped across a face half empty
Tilted hourglass of memory
Maybe if it met its end
Maybe then
Id catch my breath
Overdue to flee the scene
Escape the seat
Compose and lean
Towards my present path to be
Fire burns between chests death
From oesophagus to home again.

Chrysalis Script

In the chrysalis slum
Thy will be done
Bottom feeders
Never leaving

Learn and observe
But never let it merge
With the person who still has a chance of succeeding

Much can be spoken
Of people who fail
It may be worth a look
Their plan could prevail

If it where not for themselves
They could almost be anyone
With excuse mounted  guilt
Strength becomes anemic reacting pulses

I once thought I had no reason
That’s the point
I didn’t need one
Life is pointless
With neutral meaning
Write your script
Or be cast a meeling
Bred sycophant
Can you not see that you can’t act?

History is improvised
Think less and do more
Be mindful of the future
With mindlessness now charge
Through the present seconds via connections
Fresh feelings of the past evolves