A Curious Version

Usurping assertions
I can’t help but care
The second thought’s mirthful
I wished it was air

The point to develop
Has become to defend this breath
Boxed myself off again
Whilst rotten teeth greet grinning sense

What a curious version
I feel I’ve become
The feelings have lessened
While phrases tease flames with a muted sob

On wards and upwards
Towards what exactly?
Too much
And nothing
I bellow abruptly

I’m tired of the  non sense
Passed from person to person
The year of the searing
Won’t alter its vintage

New growth into fury
How dare they contain
Within the thought bubble
The serfs rebute pain

But see that is impossible
Cruel and with drooling
The human has danced
Pushed all edges of movement

Nothing would live
If it didn’t stand a chance at first
The drive to be
As the drive should be

Instinct is chastised enjoyment
Thank small minds for swallowing time



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