However Yellow

Rather fond of this piece I wrote so I thought It deserved a reshare until I find fresh inspiration

The Wires, Like Roots

Some say its fate

Some say its hate

I say its nothing more than grazing

Trampled meadow

However yellow

Is the product of the phasing


Its tradition is to try to save the chain

But in its haste

To keep its state

They never check if stocks in date


Militant ignorant’s

Boorish and crude

For some unfounded reason

They think that they own this place.

Their piece on the board

Will not move till someone says it does

But as movement strikes bland

You’d think the pawns invented luck

Our home,

Not the playground

Of the cult of fetish death

Guilt should be shat upon

Not placed on daggers hilt and edge.



The instinct runs deep

Forever trapped drowning

Spasm as they breathe

The change that is needed

May not need me

But my conscience speaks volumes

When volume cant speak.

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