The Heretic’s Joy

Walk along the ledge

Look down.
Do you see yourself?

They say that the fall will destroy you
But that implies that you would.

Separate distraction
Your balance is vital
Arbitrate method
And keep check of the stifle

Sent up from below
In the form of half friends
The smiles that deceive
Patted back with splintered prayers it seems

They want you kept weak
They need you to need them
‘Dont take the risk’
Because they wouldn’t have either
Mollify pressure while they ransack the stock
Friends such as these have been cast from my thoughts

In their boredom they’ll yearn
While you step over the world
Disconnect from the toxicant
Then reinvent the box again

No other is needed
Will see thought lead to seeding
Prove you’re a human being

Grab your life by both its heads and smash them into one again


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