Haunted Frames

Open that hole inside of your head,
To its full size
An empty stretch
The trickled sting of data’s edge
Infects your flat misguided breath

The connections contort
As programs rewrite the lines
The swill take their notes
And repeat every breath and mime                                                                                                         Admit what you stole
Not one sincere attempt made to thrive
Back in your holes
Until every free mind has died

You’re conscious

But can you say you’re alive?
You feel hopeless
Yet no attempt made to disguise

Is it the dramatic release?
That keeps you all on your knees
Life is not worth living
Unless someone else says it is

My point of reference
Starts in my chest
Asking no questions
I have answers

March along to foreign drums
Then tell me why you’re right
I find writing down the madness
Helps me stop before I bite

Fight over haunted frames of reference
As the sediment decays
The structure that you’ve perched on
Is about to give way

Instinct now unlocked it seems
I wage my war on modesty
My bannered pride
My life unfurled
I will climb this mountain
I am the words


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