Money Can’t Talk

All my life
Just a moment too late
Too many minds
And not enough space

I hear the people of the 80’s and the 90’s felt the same
Almost every generation knows the feeling of the waste

Built up to belive in dreams
Then smashed to bits again
I bet some of you did well
How is your success now?

The black cloud approaches
We must prepare for the drought

To be happy in this lifetime
Would be to lie to ones self
But I wont let them take away
What pleasure I have left

What a meaningless thing
In its very fibers
Are the strands of this deceit

I desire things that pulse with a carnal rhythmic sway
I require things that feel and respond when It hears its name
I must find the good that’s left and steal it all for myself

My heart now a fortress
For the people inside it


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