Incorrect Setting

Told what to do
As if no idea of our own
Told to be a person
Yet not told the correct mode

We will never meet the standard
Because the standard is a lie
Kept in our containment
They fear we smell the lie

I am a fucking human being
Not a 0,1 or 2
I will live my life
A human being
Never will I yield my truth

I apologise for having a brain
I’m sorry I tried to use it
I’m sorry I look different
I’m sorry  you feel stupid

But is my neurosis not enough?
Must I suffer evermore
A walking example
Of potential steered off course

A crawling reminder
Of a useless cog
I will persist in rebuilding
All that ive lost

I will sever
I will defy
I will participate
As I like

Plug in
Then unplug

The world is for my using
Not the other way around


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