Whatever may come to pass
I can still say I bared my teeth till the last

This stoney ground
Makes for uneasy footing
The blades have been drawn
The instinct relaxes anxiety

Echoes from the spire
So I switch it off
Take muse from my own choir

Ice filled sensation
Gave way to the melt
When I took up my mantle
And severed guilt’s head

They say to me
That’s what I am
It’s who I’ll stay
Alert and yet calm
I see envious resentment
Like a berserker I’m armed
To smash through this repression

My mind; is my mind and will never be yours
My mind; you might find is a fortress of worth
I will not be the sheep again
I will be the fox instead
And if the weak have excess bread
Then why should I not jump the fence


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