My Method Is Formless

Visceral inclinations regarding to the sense of man,
Often made without regard to nothing but the face of him,
Discriminate due to the taste,
Aesthetic over common sense,

Repeated Again,
Reshown it will end,
Why does it take so long to see,
Distinguish what you didn’t need

Your eyes,
The lies,
Inside your head,
Will make the ensemble,
Not worthy of breath,

The selection,
Like a horde of puppet parasites,
Dissected fawning,
Will not waver me from my delights,

I do not need,
The ego engorgement,
I do not need,
Possessions enforcing,
Peppered with the price,
Of social endorsement,

I won’t waste a second,
Of my self adornment,
I am the devil,
My method is formless


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