Mud From The Starch

Not today,
This can’t be the one,
The day I wake up and see everything’s wrong

I wish I could just,
Pretend I don’t see,
The vultures of culture,
With forked tongues they will feed,

The dance of the vipers,
The pipe leads their sway,
Reflects the past vision,
They had stolen away,

The urge to dance quickens,
The song matters not,
It’s welcome distraction from what our world has forgotten,

The ones who feel empty,
But have no reason why,
Are the ones disconnected,
But have not yet freed their minds,

The questions you ask,
Now they are a start,
But the challenge you face,
Separate mud from the starch,

The hole in the wall,
Brought down brick by brick,
Is restored to full force,
To keep us desperate and sick,

It’s a sad day today,
Past years had known freedom,
We can look back and sneer ,
But our imitation is fleeting,

I hope we set our course back to direction,
Or the progress of man,
Will just be a reaction,

Logically challenged?,
That must be why,
If you don’t like the sound you assume it a lie,
Egotistically managed?,
I think you’ll find,
We are flesh and blood,
Id suggest you live you life,

We are just sand,

The wind is our hatred,

The ocean,

A memory,

Of the stones we have levied



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