Darkness Take me home

As a pillaged tree,
As a summer’s breeze,
As the deserts teeth,

Envelope me,

Shattered ice,
Against the check,
I cannot take this,
Let me be weak.

I’m hanging on by mere threads,
I’ve woven round my hands,
The grasp of what is close to me,
Pushed further from the stand,

It placed upon a skinless brand,
A mark of fleshless thought,
It tastes as if a salted drop,
Of life left in a corpse,

Engorge on shattered bone,
As if the outcome was significant,
I do not fear nor care anymore,

The straw house long since blown

I stumble through the empty space,
I try to catch a vine,
But once reach left my painted eyes,
Thorns pierced both of my sides

It opens up and swallows me,
This consciousness of mine,
As if i’m meant to build a raft,
Made of pieces of my mind

An echo of a flutter of a bird upon the breeze,
Hits my ear as one alone,
The ringing knows,
The feeling grows
As I close my eyes,
Into my sleeping doom,
I mutter words,
In hopeless tones,
Please darkness,
Take me home


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