A Cacophony of Liquid Stew

A nightmare of vipers,
set loose in your head,
to poison the reason,
breathe venom instead,

a cacophony of liquid stew,
‘thoughts cant hurt’,
but oh they do,
a leveled field,
that’s just for you,
you’ve poisoned your own chalice,

the method ingrained,
contradicts the addiction,
to see your self in pain,
its subconscious,
your mission

a flicker of doubt,
tremors at your request,
but the ego is eager,
to flush out the stench,

what a levied endeavor your life has become,
forgetting the difference between whats said and whats done,

a lie once defined can be twisted as needed,
a cold winters hold,
they make nest and lays seeds in,
the vision in mind,
you wish you could be in,
so the seeds are then reaped,
and let loose as if needed


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