The Wires, Like roots

Upwards the stems grow
Towards the light

Not even a second spent
To contemplate the concequence.

The wires
Like roots
They supply

Serpetine promises
To eyes oh so promising

In darkness the screen flickers bright
The dancing of answers of questions commanding light

For once the red eyes in the screen
Direct their gaze at you and me
The life you have wont mean a thing
In frozen cells your mind will weep

Acid rain will drown the sea
Starve the fields
Strain as you breathe

In graves on mass
The buzzards feast
On ground compacted human meat

Silence will be the only sensation
In a world where wires bleed
Prothetic existance
Once stolen from me
Will give birth to the static we hear in our sleep.

The tin cans will march,
In suits made of molten pain
The movements grow faster
Extracting our swollen brains

The latent hate beckons
Emotion is what they take
Leave the drones drooling
Continue at steady pace


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