Revolving Catharsis

Hourglass transfiguration,
It helps me see,
but with a lesser depth,

I hear the ringing,
I see the shadowed,
I spend my days with gnawing thoughts,
A peppered slab of boring

An octave of rage,
Stretched out in a minored way,
Woven round my emptiness,
I’ve spat onto the page,

It will one day split the drum,
Where from all the darkness first began,
And spewed its way inside,
Then took control,

It made me steal and lie,
Oh how a thousand times,
With every breath that I possess,
I wished that I would die,

Never fully living,
But just enough to care,
Never fully living,
But just enough to care,

Multiplied emotion,
And divide it by,
The dead inside,
My scope for perception,
Unrivaled by,
Those of sound mind,

And with callousness I try,
No hope,
I am still alive,
Of interest,
Between; Me, Him ,Myself and I

The bitterness I feel,
When I think the well has all but ran dry,
Only to wake the next day,
Ready for the daily slice,

Yet cold,
I could take a lifetime,
To describe the sensation,

Every mood is a hybrid,
Unique in its creation,

Revolving catharsis,
Unending probation

A cupboard full of snow,
Together they are limited,

But once the world is picked apart,
The pieces will deliver art


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