Willfully Caged

The sound is as static to the naked mind
Vibrating assent to the pitch that defys
Lashing down rains
A feast for the flys and eyes
Buzzards encourage
Dissect latent ground in time

Step forward, twice backwards
Rotate, you’ve arrived
The perch has unearthed what it tried to deny
Weathered fawn face
Willfully caged
Hides her disguise

The charade of the phrase

Made up of the shredded mend
Made of all the lace pretend

Never resist
instinctively sent again

Nerves are a twitch
Breath turns into hissing end

This air has no scent
Infected with false pretence

The attack of the tyrants?
Or sheep on the lamb instead?

The timing will see it
And we will belive it
Unconsciously dreaming
Of what we have sown



But today I am colder
A depth I have set
No one can moor here

It seems to creep
Then spring on at once
There is no defence
When voice becomes fog

In autumn, the flame’s hiss
Sends shivers in transparent forms
The mountain is moving
Yet will not yield itself to daggered lungs

By proxy
The photons
Share in my duality
Phased lanes of a mirrored face
Sleep becomes decay, today

Marginal movement
Left and right
Side steps swiped downwards
Stifled life
How can I build with this design?
When this vision feeds on natural light


Pacify the need
Then quantify the seed
Spring wind turned my autumn host
Please rid me of these leaves

I trip and fall again
This burning inner sense
Eroding coasts
Will ghost no longer
As hatred marries death

My will relived in all ive spent

Destroying me and blocking sense

I wish to feel her warming breath
To make this place worth all its rent

A quivered smirk
As eyes encounter
What cannot be
But is regardless
No escape from my own motive
A choice is made

Be free or smolder

Suspense led to drowning

Relevance is overrated
My mind is set to free
The ammo of my Coup d’etat
Is the sticks your threw at me

Veins of light
Prismed release

Mated thoughts
Give birth to morphing
Subliminal virtue
Ceded land to the sculpture

Bleeding colours rise and then fall
Repressing the pallet
Expressing the world
Depressing the wind full
Rejecting them all

Correct the suspension
Or suspect you will venture
Familiar haunts bare unspeakable stentches
Echoing vile
Respect for the invention
Mechanical nostrils
Synthetic sensation

Not boding well
The river bed swelled
Bursting it banks
And drowning your hell
Now try to breathe
The devil he smells
Every offering
Their tounges pray for torturing


Underneath this dream

Underneath this dream
I see everything
Cursed to question life
And none to question me

With such unnatural lines
How can you even see
In abject failing
Riposte derailing
Reaching for whatever feeds

Caustic corrosion
With ample disclosure
The cult of the downward stare
Will not make me one of them

Anti I’ll be
Succumb only to thee
Assured in my version
I care not for your creed

Wash yourself in sense
Or neglect offences made
Elect a higher self
Or reflect the flaccid pain

Up root the insanity
See cleansing actuality

Walk as an animal
And think for your self

As we dissolved

I feel the fear
I brave the flood
I felt it vibrate
As we dissolved

This utter cost
At all costs uttered
Brave sirens call upon my flutters

Entrenched in frost
The frozen other
A mast of haunted barking lumber
Ferry me
This side, another
Design a tide to bathe my thunder

Under moon
The blood still falls
Not from me
But from my altar
I spit roast hogs
And ancient monsters
In duress
Undressed exalted
Silken skin and eyes hypnotic
Succumb to me and ingest tonic

Narrating gaze
I cannot escape
The path of life
Has many ways
I see them all
Yet none will make
It past my mouth and become fate

I Will Keep Watch

Occupied with points of time
This lack of site is minus opposite
Burdened with unnatural lines
The brain is in needing of some fresh proceeding

Blessed by none
With brains of our progeny
Denying the formula
Limp wristed philosophies

One for all
But worth near nothing  at all
The huddled excuses
They stumble and fall

Crumbling around them
The fingers point to blame
But the denial of a lifetime
Will no save you from the rain
The world cannot be pulled and twisted
See real or see the fain
Whatever helps you sleep at night
I will keep watch

You waste away